Redbridge Cold Weather Centre

In the last 12 months, 8 people have died sleeping rough on the streets of Ilford.

So many people are reaching out, asking how they can help.  

Volunteering at the Redbridge Cold Weather Centre - the night shelter at Ilford Salvation Army - is one way you can make a difference.  Its definitely a way to save a life.

Usually, we only open for the Winter season but because of some delays to Project Malachi, this year we are planning to open earlier, and for a longer period of time (until Project Malachi opens in 2019).  We'll be focussing on supporting our guests to move on from the shelter, and making sure we have enough volunteers involved to make sure we can keep the provision open for a longer period of time.

Get involved.  Save someone's life.  Be a part of one of the biggest community efforts in Redbridge.

Click on the 'Volunteer' button to sign up! 

  • Monica Abdala
    commented 2017-11-20 14:35:36 +0000
    Come as you are and leave changed, fulfilled and challenged !

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